After a very tumultuous history, it was quite difficult to envisage any kind of future for Block B, let alone a good one, but they are now back with a new label and a newfound confidence. Their single ‘Very Good’ has indeed been just that, gaining the group their very first music show win on Inkigayo earlier this month. The song is loud and brash and had a music video to match, showing the members busting into and proceeding to rob a bank. The second version of the MV offers a ‘Maximum Close Up’ and is a little bit more mellow and casual than the first. However, the fashion is still very cool. Check out our British high street matches.

First, if you haven’t already seen the second version of the music video, or simply want to refresh your memory, here it is!:

This version shows us a few of the sets from the first music video as well as a completely new collection of shots. This one allows us to observe the boys performing without any interruptions from the bank-robbing narrative. We are allowed to scrutinise their outfits, choreography and given close up shots of their faces (as the title suggests),

This look goes from quite uniquely formal to layered and casual. The more brave readers among you might be tempted to suit-up Block B style for a night out, but if not, I’m sure every one of you can relate to the other more toned-down outfits shown. The main colour is black which contrasts the bright greens of the set and is a standard for almost every wardrobe. This look is great for the Autumnal weather we are currently experiencing in Britain, but also manages to be stylish in a simple way.

Block B, Very Good, Music Video, Version 2, Maximum Close Up, Outfit, StyleBlock B, Very Good, Outfit, Fashion, Version 2, Maximum Close Up

  1. Sparks ‘Beat’ Bomber Jacket – Topman: £75
  2. Black Leather Look Front T-Shirt – Topman: £22
  3. Monochrome Stars and Stripes T-Shirt – New Look: £9.99
  4. Black Longer Length Shorts – Topman:  £15
  5. Black Skinny Jeans – New Look: £19.99
  6. White Stretch Skinny Jeans – Topman: £30
  7. Black Leather-Look Army Boots – New Look: £29.99
  8. K-Swiss ‘Ad Court La Sde’  Red/White Trainers – Topman: £50
  9. White Contrast Stripe Placket Shirt – River Island: £30
  10. Black Waistcoat – River Island: £25
  11. Black Utility Pocker Military Blazer – River Island: £35
  12. Tusk Earrings – £4
  13. Multi Spike and Crystal Pendants Necklace [Black Crystal] – £5.50
  14. Crystals Décor Cross Pendant Necklace – £6.50
  15. Crystal Cross Décor Elastic Bracelet – £5.50
  16. Black Oversized Beanie – Topman: £8
  17. Basic Vest (Black) – H&M: £4.99
  18. Slim-fit Shirt (White) – H&M: £9.99
  19. Gold Lion Head Pendant Necklace – New Look: £6.99
  20. Ishida Leather Biker Jacket – All Saints: £358
  21. New Look VOGUE Beanie in Black – £11.33
  22. Black Retro Sunglasses – River Island: £10
  23. Reason Homies Sweatshirt in Black – Urban Outfitters: £45
  24. Black Slim Tie – Topman: £8
  25. Black Textured Bow Tie – Topman: £8
  26. Selected Homme ‘Logan’ Blazer – Topman: £95
  27. Navy Herringbone Skinny Fit Blazer – Topman: £75
  28. Black Formal Loafers – Burton: £28

As always, some of these items are quite expensive and perhaps a little bit above your desired budget for your clothes shopping, but – as I have said before – for items such as leather jackets and blazers, it is often worth making a little investment in them as they will (hopefully) last a while and get quite a lot of wear out of them. They key to this look is keeping it fairly simple, but packing attitude in those statement pieces. With outfits such as these, you can go quite wild with your accessories, either following Block B’s lead with chunky gold and spiky pieces, or perhaps go for a bit more colour in your choices.

This look is quite masculine and plain, but still shows that you have put some effort into your fashion in the details. It is stylish and comfortable, what else could you want?!

| Thanks again to Adam Cheung for collaborating on this article and giving some great item suggestions, check out his blog COMME des VOGUEDOWN for a variety of posts on fashion, skin care and a bit of K-Pop! Remember to ‘like’ the official Facebook page too! |

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