SHINee’s back! After the disappointment of Jong Hyun’s absence (due to hospitalisation) from the Why So Serious? music video, all the boys are present for their latest release, Everybody, a fast paced and catchy electro-pop song guaranteed to have you singing along in no time. SHINee have matured noticeably here and present a polished new image in this MV.
The video begins in black and white and features random shots of a crow and a scorpion, inter-cut with a masked extra on a carousel. The inert SHINee members are shocked into action by an electrical charge provided when the masked extra places an enormous plug into a wall socket and from that moment on the video becomes a whirlwind of activity. The energetic dancing is inter cut with scenes of Jong Hyun smashing sculptures, while other members pose dramatically amongst some striking props, including over sized chess pieces and a CGI crystal tiger. Eventually the charge runs out and SHINee revert to their previous state. The sets are slick and futuristic, with some cleverly contrasting imagery; for example, when all the SHINee members are dancing together they are bathed in blue and silver light, but when they appear individually, simple monochrome backdrops are used.
World renowned choreographer Tony Testa, who previously worked with SHINee on Sherlock and Dream Girl, has pulled out all the stops to produce a highly original routine and the boys succeed in bringing a Michael Jackson-esque flair to his dance steps. The intricate and complex choreography is enhanced by the occasional use of slow motion and SHINee’s ability to synchronise perfectly is used to great effect during the more robotic dance moves. In places, the camera mirrors the members movements and draws the viewer into the action. Look out for some interesting camera angles, too!
Everybody is an addictive, electro-pop song, with an energetic, pulsating beat and the use of synthesizers, coupled with auto-tuned voices, greatly enhances its futuristic and robotic feel. Several random, dub-step breakdowns would also make Everybody a perfect song to dance to in clubs, or at parties.
Overall UK Potential 4/5:  Everybody, with its catchy tune and slick MV choreography, epitomises everything that is fundamental to mainstream K-Pop. Easily accessible to K-Pop newcomers, it would be an ideal introductory video for listeners with no previous exposure to the genre.
Minho “activating” the other four members to synchronise their movements with his, in a style that brilliantly mimics wind up toys.
Finally, SHINee wear an array of quirky, military style outfits, most prominently white ensembles reminiscent of naval uniforms. Everybody is absolutely essential viewing for anyone with a serious uniform fetish!
Haven’t seen the music video yet? Here it is!:

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[Sources used: SMTOWN Official YouTube Channel].




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