F(x)‘s ice princess Krystal Jung will be serving up our fashion fix this week, with her ensemble from late last year when she helped to host the SBS Entertainment Awards. We’ll be looking at the stunning white dress pictured here at functionlove.net.

The most beautiful thing about this outfit is the simplicity of it. The white one-tone does not wash the star out but makes her skin radiant and bright – though it does seem like all the hosts were co-ordinated anyway! At floor length it drapes elegantly off Krystal’s body, first clinging to her figure and then the skirt gracefully tumbling down. The gentle downwards tapering around the chest creates an illusion of an even smaller waist, while the length of the dress and the high waistband elongates the legs and creates the appearance of looking taller. The length also offers the opportunity to cheat; if you’re looking to appear taller you can conceal platform heels like Krystal has done here, or opt for flat shoes that would still be hidden. The halter neckline puts Krystal’s shoulders on show and accentuates the elegance and fragility of the outfit.

The loose tumbling waves in her hair enhance the soft lines of the dress and make this outfit feel very feminine. Krystal has kept her complexion very pale with the slightest pink tint on her lips, while her eyes aren’t too showy or overdone. Her red nails add a pop of colour to this otherwise bleached outfit. Paired with very simple, sparse jewellery, no part of the outfit is overpowered by another. Everything works in balance towards creating the same timeless feel.

Krystal creates an image which oozes class and cool sophistication, mirroring her own path as she grows up and leaves her teenage years behind. Do you think she pulled it off? What kind of style would you like to see her try? And have you been inspired to emulate Krystal’s classy look? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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