2013 was a great year for K-pop, with it gaining even more popularity worldwide and producing plenty of brilliant hits. The staff here at UnitedKpop have pulled together their favourite songs and the most popular choices have made the list! You’ll be familiar with a lot of them, but you might find something new in our varied selection of well-known hits, lesser known gems and those songs that got hidden and forgotten in albums.

1. INFINITE, ‘Destiny’

The UKP No.1 Song of 2013!
[youtube id=”BDbpE6qHDSA”]

Now, in no particular order, the remaining placed songs..!

2. TAEYANG, ‘Ringa Linga’

[youtube id=”UJfZ69MSlvY”]

3. EXO, ‘Growl’

[youtube id=”I3dezFzsNss”]

4. VIXX, ‘Voodoo Doll’

[youtube id=”MOG7BexjPjM”


[youtube id=”wq7ftOZBy0E”]

6. BLOCK B, ‘Very Good’

[youtube id=”kJGcO5Une-g”]

7. GIRL’S DAY, ‘Female President’

[youtube id=”xF3MC8PWgJE”]

8. KIM WON JOO (4MEN) & BEN, ‘Baby Baby (The Serenade Pt.1)’

[youtube id=”rhRQld3-SPs”]

9. ROY KIM, ‘Love Love Love’

[youtube id=”Yfkolh96-rc”]

10. T.O.P, ‘Doom Dada’

[youtube id=”tAoME_aMm1w”]

11. JIN, ‘Gone’

[youtube id=”HJXmOugipmg”]

12. MISS A, ‘Hush’

[youtube id=”dp0F18FFCTE”]

13. EXO, ‘Wolf’

[youtube id=”gAal8xHfV0c”]

14. IU (FEAT. JONGHYUN), ‘Gloomy Clock’

[youtube id=”_NlUtA9g21M”]

15. HEO YOUNG SAENG, ‘The Art of Seduction’

[youtube id=”XNgHLOFndZc”]

16. G-DRAGON, ‘Crooked’

[youtube id=”RKhsHGfrFmY”]

17. 2PM, ‘Comeback When You Hear This Song’

[youtube id=”a7cH5EAXNNg”]

18. DAVICHI, ‘Turtle’

[youtube id=”ykAoxJCZG8w”]

19. SHINEE, ‘Symptoms’

[youtube id=”Hd7wqhtWKCs”]

20. SISTAR, ‘Give It To Me’

[youtube id=”p6XLNsJ9YrA”]

…and that’s it!

Hopefully you saw some of your favourite hits in our Top 20. What were your song highlights of 2013?


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