B.A.P have been having a stormingly successful week in Korea, topping the Hanteo chart with the release of their first full album First Sensibility and single 1004 (Angel).

Keeping BABYs in the UK up to date is our fanbase of the week UK B.A.P, run by admins Kirsti and Izzy. Kirsti manages the sites and writes the posts, and Izzy designs and illustrates them.

UK B.A.P is only just over a year old. Both admins have liked the boys’ music since 2011, when leader Bang Yongguk released solo songs prior to B.A.P’s formation. After the band debuted in 2012, they began looking for more English info.

Kirsti explains: “Any UK fansites we found were inactive, so I decided to start one myself as they deserve to know they have love and support here as well as anywhere else! B.A.P are a group that mean a huge deal to the both of us and we will always support and work hard for them.”

There’s around 2,000 followers on UK B.A.P’s Twitter, and 700 Facebook fans. Both sites, as well as the Blogspot, are active with the latest news and pictures, but there are also giveaways, and Kirsti is hoping to get some fan events organised in the future.

Find UK B.A.P here: BlogspotFacebook, Twitter, Askfm or email Kirsti and Izzy: bapuk13@hotmail.co.uk

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