SPICA’s most recent hit, ‘You Don’t Love Me’, saw them create their own twist on the fashion of the fifties in a wide range of outfits. Check out our Music Video Breakdown and our Make-up Tutorial! Here, we’re going to look at the exciting shapes and silhouettes, plus the patterns and palettes of this exciting concept.

Changing fashions after WW2 brought in low-cut necklines and mid length skirts, while cocktail dresses and a tailored yet feminine styles also became popular. Skirts were either narrow (as seen here) or full and the illusion of a smaller waist was very important. SPICA’s version of these fashions might be a little more promiscuous but the fundamentals of the style are present.

The knee length strappy dresses follow a simple yellow, white and black colour palette, mirrored by the simplicity of the silhouette created; the dress drops straight down after cinching at the waist, though the chest is most likely a little more revealing than the dresses of the fifties! That said, it just makes for a more modernised look. The neat pin-curls and dangling earrings serve to create a more authentic take on the era.

The long sleeved bodycon dresses feature a peter pan collar, representative of new fashions at the time, and are paired with blood red heels that offer a pop of bright colour to an outfit that would otherwise be monotone and less exciting. The collar enhances the tailored style and builds a smart, sophisticated look.

Similar red stilettos feature again, but this time alongside high-waisted skinny jeans and white tank tops. This style is actually more representative of the ‘teddy boys’ of the fifties and their rockabilly influences. The look is definitely a mature, sexy take on a male fashion and creates a sleek silhouette that shows off the group’s sculpted bodies.

The last set of outfits is a combination of red, black, white and leopard print, again focusing on high-waists with the skirts and the red offers playful pops of colour. The ankle socks and skater skirt show a cute look, while the pencil skirts and sultry waves show off a more grown up, mature fashion. Each outfit combined pulls together a unique and modern insight into fifties fashion and updates an outgrown look while staying true to the classic look.

How do you rate this style? Is it something you’d like to see SPICA, or even other idol groups, wear more often? And would you ever try it for yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



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