After numerous singles and mini albums B.A.P have released their first full album, First Sensibility, with its title track 1004 (Angel)

The title 1004 comes from the Korean pronunciation of the numbers and the word angel.
In Korean 1000 is 천 (Cheon) and 4 is 사 (Sa), the word for angel is 천사 (Cheonsa).

The lyrics tells of a man struggling with the pain of a break up, this forms the basis of the visual though its narrative is much deeper.

We open with Yongguk running in a wasteland, looking for something, though we don’t know what, this is something we will learn later in the mv.

Switch to a wooden model house and it is here we begin to unravel the story. Daehyun is trapped in the house, much like the being trapped in the hurt of a break up. Daehyun himself could be seen as a memory, or imprint upon the house, as we soon see Himchan in the same room, unaware of Daehyun’s presence.

Daehyun triggers the relationship memories of the four members we see trapped by their hurt by touching objects in the room related to their situation.
The film projector shows Himchan videos of his relationship. The handheld mirror takes us to Youngjae in a house of mirrors. The camera  shows us Jongup stood before angel wings, though made in a different style these could be thought of as reminiscent to the ones in the trick art museum on Jeju Island in front of which many people take photographs.  The miniature rocking horses upon the gramophone takes us to Zelo at a fairground carousel.

At first the memories are pleasing, we see Himchan’s happiness at watching his relationship play out, and Zelo hugging the girl he is at the fairground with.

Though these memories become painful, and bring tears. Himchan’s movie overwhelms him. Youngjae cannot find the girl amongst the mirrors. Zelo’s carousel lights short circuit. Jongup sees the wall as a barrier.

Though, what was Yongguk looking for, and what is he doing digging those holes?

Maybe looking for his own relationship memory, he finds the elaborate house statue in one of his holes before Daehyun has touched it. This being the key to freeing the four trapped members.

Daehyun is able to stop the hourglass from the opening scenes running out of time, triggering the most important event in the mv.

As Himchan’s emotions overwhelmed him he searched for something in the room he was trapped in, something we discover to be a gun.
Before Daehyun turned the hourglass Himchan was pointing the gun at the projected memories, symbolising wanting to rid himself of the happy memories because they cause him pain.

After the turn of the hourglass Himchan changes his mind and points the gun at the mirror. Reflected is the image of himself, tearful, pointing the gun at his head. Were he to choose this option he would be ridding himself of sadness, but keeping the memories.

It is Daehyun and Yongguk’s work to free their fellow members of their traps that show the ever present strength of B.A.P’s team.

This is another brilliant concept from B.A.P, and comes from our featured Kpop Creators, ZANYBROS. You can get their thirteen track album from iTunes now.

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