One half of this week’s Alternate Listening Tuesday came back with a project single last week featuring one of his company’s CEO’s and one of the Mystic89 artists. Today we’re looking at Planet Shiver’s Philtre and DJ Friz.

With their roots in dance music, such as trance and progressive, the duo came together in 2008, producing their first work for Dynamic Duo’s 4th album and Epik High’s 5th album. Another of their early productions was participating in Girls’ Generation’s Kissing You Rhythmer Remix.
They later collaborated with Epik High to create the remix album Remixing the Human Soul, an album which hit number 7 on the US iTunes electronic album chart.

[youtube id=”CpMRt1TGRfw&list=PLEF5C102E50D9A959″]

The duo create their own dance music, this track, Lullaby, featuring previous ALT artists MYK, whom also appears on the Remixing The Human Soul album as he was once a Map The Soul artist.

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DJ Friz has a long list of credits as a DJ and producer. From numerous Epik High and Dynamic Duo albums, to work for Drunken Tiger, Dok2 and LeeSSang. DJ Friz once again worked with Tablo as the DJ providing the scratch on track The Tide on his solo Fever’s End album.

[youtube id=”zoRWegHQaNE”]

Last year Philtre teamed up with Younha to record the hauntingly beautiful Fade for Amoeba Culture’s NOWorkend project. The project aimed to team up duos and produce an unexpected piece of music. Miles away from the dance music of Planet Shiver, Fade sparked much attention.

[youtube id=”NMqvpSjhmqI”]

This month Philtre’s latest release, Last Scene, features the voices of Dynamic Duo’s Choiza, and soloist Lim Kim. The track talks about the crushing feelings of watching love fall apart. It is another heavy piano track, seemingly straying from Philtre’s roots in dance music, though at the same time has a mystical trip-hop rhythm, and dramatic dup step section that almost takes you by surprise.
The drama of the music combined with the contrasting feelings that come from Choiza and Lim Kim’s voices make this an incredibly striking track.

[youtube id=”UaYVwJsxJ1M”]

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Do you have a favourite track created by Planet Shiver or either member? Is there anyone you’d like to see on Alternate Listening Tuesday?


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