Girls’ Generation have endorsed countless numbers of brands globally since their debut, and have also consistently proved themselves as some of K-pop’s leading fashion muses. They also seem to be everyone’s favourite jean models, having endorsed Korean brand SPAO Star Jeans, G-star Raw and most recently, Japanese brand Samantha Thavasa jeans which they were featured wearing in their music video for ‘Galaxy Supernova’.

The group sported the Thavasa jeans as they accepted the award for ‘Best Jeanist’ at the Japan Jeans Conference Sponsorship towards the end of last year. Since they exploded onto the stage with ‘Gee’ promotions in 2009 in rainbow skinny jeans, Girls’ Generation have made a name for themselves as having the best legs for jeans …and it’s not a name they’re about to shake off any time soon. Similar concepts were used for their ‘Dancing Queen’ video, which was due to be used instead of ‘Gee’ but the decision was changed (though clearly not the outfit choices) and also for certain concert appearances.

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The simplest clothing item that most of us own is transformed into a glamorous piece that is stage-ready by these nine fashion icons. We can put this down to stage lights and sparkling accessories, but also to the uniformity of nine members all wearing the same thing and performing the same choreography, standing on the same stage. This concept of dressing a group in the same clothes impresses a strong, united force upon us and shows that this group take their fashion seriously!

Jeans are recognised as perhaps the most versatile of apparel, and this could be what makes them so wearable time and time again for Girls’ Generation. This image has staying power and has allowed them to recycle earlier fashions by subtly updating them with colour, cut and complimentary items. The group can evolve with trends and have grown up in front of the cameras, relying on their jeans and never leaving them too far out of sight.



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