The sun is out and I’ve come to the conclusion that I can no longer hide under my duvet eating snacks and pretending that simply having a gym membership is the same thing as actually using a gym membership. Of course, K-pop these days changes faster than most people can keep track of but here’s a list of some awesome, up beat songs to get you out from under the covers; let’s get working out to K-pop!

1. Ladies Code – ‘Pretty Pretty’

It’s time to dust away the cobwebs and have a good stretch! There’s nothing like a good, sugar-coated upbeat K-pop song to get you in workout mode. The girls sing about being …well, pretty! As I find myself singing along to confidence inspiring lines such as “Pretty from head to toe” and “I was always this pretty!” and bopping along to the addictive beat, this is a great song to get you in the mood!



2. She’Z – ‘My Way’

She’Z seemed to come and go without making much of an impact on the K-pop scene but I really liked this song of theirs (look at the video- I blame the stylist!). Continuing with the girl-power, confidence inspiring vibe started in the warm up, this song talks about the girls refusing to accept anyone who won’t take them as they are. This song is quite upbeat (but not too fast) and it’s generally the first song I put on when I start my dreaded hour on the treadmill because it gets me into the mood and more importantly, keeps me distracted…!!


3. Xia (Junsu) – ‘Incredible’

Honestly speaking, I really hate the awkward rap in this (just listen once and you’ll probably agree with me) but the song itself is pretty awesome. The rhythm of the song is quite steady so it works well as a song to jog to. This is one of the few songs I can actually sing along to reasonably well while running…which is probably why it retains its place on the playlist.


4. EXID – ‘I Feel Good’

The song begins with “I’m feeling it….and I feel good~~”. Well, good for you but I’m in pain! After a good jog to get everything warmed up, it’s time to up the speed a little bit and get your heart pumping. ‘I Feel Good’ is one of those wonderful ‘konglish’ songs which doesn’t really mean much….except let’s feel good! Now who doesn’t love a positive message when they’re dying on a treadmill??


5. Sunny Hill – ‘Princess and Prince Charming’

I just love the ridiculousness of this song. In fact, I love Sunny Hill in general. They’re so eccentric and odd! This song kind of makes fun of the incredibly materialistic aspects of Korean society for example the music video shows one of the members surrounded by her IQ score, body measurements, TOEIC score etc as she sings “Out of 10, how many points did you give me?” When the temptation to press the big red “STOP” button gets too much, this a really funky song that will keep you going! 


6. Brave Girls – “These Days, You”

Not the catchiest title (you’ll have to believe when I say it does make sense in Korean!) It’s about a girl who broke up with a guy and is regretting it – big time! Song meaning aside, I think this song is fantastic. In fact, it’s the highest-played K-pop song in my iTunes library. The addictive beat, sassy lyrics and the fact that it’s Brave Girls : I’m sold.


7. Outsider – ‘Bye U’

While I definitely prefer his earlier works, this track of Outsider’s latest album isn’t too shabby. Known as the fastest rapper in Korea, he has some serious skills. Set at a high tempo from the be inning, there aren’t any dramatic tempo changes to mess with your rhythm, this is a song which is easy and fun to run to.


8. Crayon Pop – ‘BaBaBa’

It’s Crayon Pop – I dare say no work out would be complete without them. When I started going to the gym, I had a really stupid idea “Since BaBaBa is just mad, wouldn’t it be appropriate to do 3 minutes of crazy-fast running to finish my workout?”. I then decided this was, in fact, not a stupid idea but a genius idea in disguise (something I am now regretting) but it was become an unavoidable part of my workout. ‘BaBaBa’ is one of those songs where you can be about to fall off the treadmill but you will keep going just so you can finish the song – whatever you do, please don’t try to do the jumping dance while will not end well.



9. Girls Generation – ‘Goodbye’

And calm again! I saw Girls Generation perform this song on Sketchbook last week and instantly liked it. There was something about the lower tone which really suited the girls and the slightly rocky rhythm which has resulted in this song becoming my new cool down. It’s good to stretch or collapse too … whichever seems more appropriate!


10.  G.Na & Sanchez – ‘Beautiful Day’

By the time I reach this stage, I’m generally just a mass curled up on a yoga mat in the corner of the gym. This song is really slow and relaxing, perfect for doing those final few stretches which are vital to ensure than you can still walk tomorrow!



So here’s a few of my favourite workout songs; what about you guys? What music do you workout to? Have I missed any epic songs? Let me know in the comments below!





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