Today’s Weekly Idol focuses on brother sister music duo Akdong Musician.

Also known as AKMU which is an anagram of the Korean word “umak”, Akdong Musician consist of Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Soo Hyun. Both siblings share vocals but Chan Hyuk is often on acoustic guitar during their performances. They were the winners of Kpop Star 2 and during their time on the show they often received high praise from the judging panel for their performance technique and heart-warming chemistry when on stage.

A month after winning Kpop Star 2 they signed a contract with YG Entertainment and their debut album “PLAY” was released online on 7th April whilst the physical copy came out on 9th April.

Popular Songs

Officially Missing You‎

Ring Ding Dong‎

Foreigner’s Confession

A performance of Melted on Kpop Star 3. This happens to be the second single after 200% and you can read our song review here

A predebut performance of Galaxy which is the last track on their debut album “PLAY”

Their debut song 200%. If you missed our MV breakdown post for this track, you can read it here

Why I chose Akdong Musician as Weekly Idol

I came upon these guys by chance when I had tuned into a Kpop radio station. Their name often came up on communities but I never got round to finding out more information about them properly. The song “Offically Missing You” was my entry song to AKMU and I absolutely adored the feel-good acoustic style that I had to go research them. I was honestly shocked with their ages but I must say it’s touching to see young folk with genuine talent be noticed and praised by other people.

Their music is refreshing, quirky and wonderfully soothing that you can’t help bopping along to it. I really hope YG will give them an opportunity to shine because they definitely have the potential to go big in the music world.


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