Hi everyone! So last week and I did this review on the Gelpresso Pencil Gel liners from Clio. I got a few questions after, about how I use the vibrant and varying colours in my daily beauty routine, so I’m going to show you two different ways I really enjoy wearing them, inspired by the promo pictures by Lee Hyori and 2ne1’s Dara.

Starting out with a clean face, I’m applying my bb cream. I’m not going to go into much detail, because the focus of this look will be the eyes and you should do the rest however you feel comfortable, and be free to experiment and play around. I’m using Holika Holika’s Petit Aqua Jelly BB cream.

Next, I’m covering any dark circles and red spots with my concealer, and blending it out gently.

For this look, my brows are going to be quite gentle and soft, with a little arch only at the end. I’ve chosen to line them with a brown eyebrow pencil.

As a base for my lid, I’m taking this soft pink almost peach like colour, and applying it all across my lid. The pink will work as a nice complement to the blue tones I’ll be using later. Then to create a bit more depth and dimension, I’m applying a warm brown to my crease, and blending it out.

Using a liquid liner, I’m lining my upper lids, really close to the lashline. Angling it from where my brow ends, I’m creating a nice long wing, and working my way inwards. Make sure not to line it on your lower lashline.

Make sure you end up with a really nice, smooth line with no harsh edges, the line should move like a wave across your lid, and have a nice long wing at the end. Don’t be afraid of pulling the wing out too far, it’s going to elongate your eyes nicely.

Now, on to the main point of this look. I’m taking my blue colour liner, and starting underneath the wing, I’m lining below that and continuing under my eyes, on my lower lashline. I’m going about halfway in, almost two thirds. Then, taking a light pearl shade, I’m starting from the inner corners of my eyes, and lining it to meet the blues. then I’m blending them into each other with gentle strokes to create a nice transition.

If you want to, you can also apply the pearly shade to your lower waterline, to open up your eyes.

Now, apply your favourite mascara. I’m using one that’s great for separating my lashes and opening my eyes. Clean up any black marks left by the mascara, and that’s the eyes all done!

For my cheeks, I’m using a bronzer to contour and shade. Then, I’m highlighting using a lovely shimery golden compact powder. I’m not using any blush, so as to not take anything away from the eyes.

For my lips, I’m taking a nice dark red and just applying a tiny bit to add some colour, and adding a blanc gloss on top. And that’s it for the first look!

For this second look, I’ve started out just like I did for the first one, up until the pink and brown eyeshadow. Now, taking my green pencil gel liner, I’m creating a wing, pointing it up towards the end of my brow. Continuing the wing, I’m pulling it up over my lid, and creating a thick, bold liner.

Then, using a liquid liner, line it close to your lashes, crating a thin line on top of the green, but without hiding it. When winging it out, create a second wing underneath the green one from earlier.

Then using the pearly light shade liner, I’m lining underneath my eyes, and on the waterline. Finally, adding a bit of mascara and the eyes are all done!

For this look, I’m using a bronzer to lightly contour my face, but less so than the previous look. Since this is more playful and fun, I’m taking a nice pink blush on the apples of my cheeks, and on the tip of my nose. Finally, I’m highlighting he bridge of my nose, my cheekbones and my forehead.

I want to give my lips a nice ombre korean style touch, so I’m dabbing some consealer on first. Then, using a red colour, I’m using my finger to dab it lightly onto the inner parts of my lips, and using a clean finger to blend it out. Finally, I’m taking a blanc gloss to smooth it out.

And that’s it guys! Two easy looks for a more vibrant a playful eyeliner! See you next time!


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