Prepare for the invasion! As B.A.P are heading to London later this month for their Live on Earth tour, there’s bound to be some new BABYs born in the UK.

B.A.P – Best Absolute Perfect – are a six-man band signed to TS Entertainment. They are: Yongguk (leader, rapper), Himchan (subvocal), Daehyun (lead vocal), Youngjae (lead vocal), Jongup (subvocal, dancer) and Zelo (maknae, rapper, dancer).

Before B.A.P, Bang Yongguk wrote and performed a rap in Song Jieun‘s Going Crazy, bagging number one in 2011. He also teamed up with BEAST’s Yoseob for another hit song before releasing a song with long-legged newbie Zelo. Multi-instrumentalist Himchan was also introduced to the public that year, but the guys bust onto the K-pop scene officially as B.A.P  in January 2012 with Warrior.

As the song title suggests, Warrior was one feisty debut. The MV kicks the usual sweet-smiled clean-livin’ boy band image firmly up the rear. This platinum blonde and black boiler-suit clad gang seem more interested in smashing up cars and stomping in synch than being anybody’s sweetheart. Such sexy bad-assery was only further enhanced by follow-up releases like No Mercy, One Shot and Badman. This year B.A.P released their first full studio album First Sensibility.

Unsurprisingly the guys are all influenced by hip-hop and R&B, and behind the rough and tough stuff there’s some deep musical roots. Yongguk is heavily involved in composing their songs and Himchan has a passion for traditional Korean instruments. They’ve also released some great mellower tunes like Voice Message – but it’s the sexy rough and tough stage charisma, plus the cutesy-weirdness of their bunny-eared Matoki logo that really makes them out of this world.

Catch B.A.P in London!
Live on Earth Tour, O2 Academy Brixton, London April 27. Tickets are on sale now. UK B.A.P, the British fanbase are organising two events at the show: Thank You banners and a flag for fans to sign. Check out the details here.

UK B.A.P’s recommended playlist for new BABYs (and why!):

Warrior “Their debut song, it sets the way for B.A.P. It’s strong and shows that they are too.”

Voice Message “It’s one of B.A.P’s softer songs, but has such strong vocals. It will give you goosebumps if you listen to it closely.”

One Shot “Another song that screams B.A.P! It sends a strong message to take advantage of any opportunity you get – go for it! It inspires us with strong vocals and rap, and awesome choreography.”

Hurricane “A completely different side of B.A.P, but it still screams with as much energy and enthusiasm as always. Shot in Las Vegas, the MV shows the boys’ fun side.”

1004 (Angel) “Their latest release. An upbeat song that shows a more mature side of B.A.P. Definitely one of their best songs to date.”


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