Welcome back to Thriller Thursday! Today we’re going to look at the fifth installment of the Whispering Corridors series, Blood Pledge.

This film is also set in a high school like the rest of the films in the series, but Blood Pledge is unrelated as it follows four friends who make a suicide pact. The film begins with the four friends, Eun Joo, So Hee, Yoo Jin, and Eun Young, making a suicide pact that they will all die that very night, and if for some reason they don’t, then they would still keep the pledge to die. That night only one girl, Eun Joo, falls from the roof of their school and unfortunately her sister, Jeong Un, sees her fall and die as she was waiting for her outside of the school.

The next day sees the girls being question at school about the death of their friend, and two of them insist that they hadn’t been on the roof, but one admits that she had been there at the time. From this point onwards, we start to see the reason why each girl had planned to kill themselves, all the while Jeong Un is trying to get to the bottom of why her sister died.

With the girls bearing the brunt of vicious rumours and speculation over the death of their friend, tensions run high and guilt begins to build. Things go from bad to horrifying when the girls start to see Eun Joo around the school and one of their classmates is found dismembered in a classroom locker. Eun Joo seems to have something left to ask of her friends and she’s not leaving them alone until she’s ready.

If you can’t stand paranormal thrillers, then definitely steer clear of Blood Pledge, but if you’re looking for something truly creepy with spirits returning from beyond the grave, bloody murder and jumpy moments, then look no further!

Have you guys ever seen this? Planning on watching it? Let us know what you think!


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