K-Pop is well known across Southeast Asia, but despite the recognition from mainstream artists, K-Pop still has a long way to go before it becomes popular in the UK. But this doesn’t stop entertainment companies from trying anyway! Here’s our top 5 K-Pop US debuts.

5. Se7en

Se7en tried breaking into the hip hop scene with his song Girls featuring American rapper Lil Kim. Unline YG’s expectations, including an American rapper in Se7en’s debut didn’t reel in any fans. The only thing Se7en got was a huge reality check, which also gave YG a sort of learning block for future US debuts.

4. BoA

To K-Pop fans, BoA’s American debut back in 2008 was almost laughable. I personally think the song was good, but compared to America’s standards it didn’t have a chance. She managed to get some radio time and small interviews but it never got as far as making the charts. Although she is a huge star in Asia, the US didn’t bat an eyelid.


Girls Generation released The Boys in a few different languages to appeal to overseas fans. One being in English, which in my opinion didn’t sound that bad. But then another version was released featuring Snoop Dogg which was the one put out to the American public. Although they landed interviews and performances on American TV, they still didn’t manage to become mainstream US singers.

2. Wonder Girls 

As mentioned in one of my previous articles,  Wonder Girls attempted a US debut back in 2009 which involved opening up for the Jonas Brothers, countless TV appearances and a TeenNick movie. This was a great oppurtunity for the Wonder Girls and K-Pop in general, but sadly the American public didn’t catch on. The Wonder Girls were soon forgotten in mainstream music.

1. PSY

As much as K-Pop fans love to hate him, we can’t deny the fact that he was the most successful when it comes to US debuts. Gangnam Style became a huge hit overseas, online and even topped UK charts. Next came Gentleman which adpoted the Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra dance and topped charts in the US. With a comeback coming soon featuring Snoop Dogg and CL, who’s to say it won’t happen again?

What do you think it takes to debut in the US as a K-Pop star, and who do you think could do it? Let us know in the comments below!


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