The actress, known for her role as Tilda in the 2012 movie, Cloud Atlas, arrived at the Cannes film festival this week accompanied by co-actor Jim Sturgess. Rumours about the two have been circulating the community since their roles in Cloud Atlas together, but have thus far neither been confirmed or dismissed.

Bae Doo Na attended the prestigious Cannes festival for her role in “A Girl At My Door”, one of three Korean films being shown this weekend. At one of her press conferences, the actress confirmed that “Jim Sturgess is my boyfriend” to a sea of eager reporters. Her manager has previously stated that the two are only close friends, but the two seem to have decided to go public about their relationship.

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He has been by my side since I chose to film this movie, and up until now. So he was as moved by the Cannes showing of the movie as I was. He complemented the movie and the staffs,” said Bae Doo Na yesterday.

The best of luck to the happy couple, we hope to see more from the both of them soon.


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