With company auditions happening in several countries over the world, we as fans are expecting to see more foreign faces in the K-Pop industry, particularly American and Chinese people. Here’s UnitedKpop’s top 5 American born idols!

5. Jay Park

Jay Park was born and raised in Seattle, US. After getting accepted into JYP Entertainment, he then moved to Korea at the age of 18 to debut with 2PM.
4. Jessica

Born in San Francisco, California Jessica was taking a vacation in Seoul where she was scouted by SM Entertainment. 7 years later, she made her debut with Girls’ Generation.
3. Amber

Although her parents are both Taiwanese, Amber was born in Los Angeles, California. Back in 2008, she auditioned for SM Entertainment where she then got accepted as a trainee, to debut with F(x) only a year later.
2. Krystal

Being the sister of Jessica, Krystal was also born in San Francisco. She was scouted along with Jessica and later made her debut along with Amber in F(x).
1. Ailee

Ailee was born in Denver, Colorado where she started making YouTube videos of her singing. She went to Korea in 2010 to audition for YMC Entertainment where she was accepted. She made her debut as a soloist in 2012.

Who is your favourite American born idol?


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