VIXX have been thrilling Starlights this week with the release of their highly anticipated comeback and 4th single Eternity. In July they’ll also begin their first world tour, Live Fantasia (Hex Sign) kicking off in Korea and Japan, with more dates to be announced.

VIXX UK, the fanbase for UK Starlights, are keeping their fingers crossed for some European dates! In the meantime, they’re making sure Starlights have access to all the latest pictures and videos through their Facebook page. The page is run by two admins, Admin K and Admin S, and has been active since May 2012, which is when the boys debuted. In the ‘About’ section, new Starlights can find a detailed overview of VIXX’s history, and under the ‘Notes’ tab there are member profiles and more info.

Check out VIXX UK’s Facebook page here.

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