Funny songs and parodies are quite commonplace in South Korea. The K-Music industry certainly knows how to make fun of itself and does so on a regular basis. Often the most popular songs will be subject to a silly re-creation before their year of release is out. There are also a few South Korean artists that openly embrace a less serious outlook on life and in their work, and these are the artists that will often create the most infectious and ridiculous tracks, solely aimed at making you smile.

This is only a small selection of funny/parody K-Pop songs from the vast amount that exist, we hope you enjoy this playlist and leave your personal favourites and suggestions in the comment section below this article!

1. Norazo – ‘Curry’

Norazo are definitely a duo that are willing to live on the sillier side of life. Jobin and Lee Hyuk have an entire back catalogue full of comedic songs, some of which have even gotten them into a little trouble (e.g. their song ‘Constipation‘…ahem!) No matter what though, their songs will probably make you laugh, let alone give you the urge to dance and sing along. UK fans were even given the chance to see them perform live back in 2012 for the MBC Korean Culture Festival alongside EXO – did you get to see them?

The song chosen for this playlist is all about a popular spicy dish that originated from India. Norazo clearly love curry, as many British people do too. Enjoy!

2. Donghae and Eunhyuk – ‘Oppa Oppa’

Super Junior members Donghae and Eunhyuk are also happy to create songs that will make fans laugh. Their latest release ‘Motorcycle’ is testament to that. However, as idols, they can use their versatility as entertainers to also create more serious and emotional tracks. For this playlist, we have the crowd-pleaser ‘Oppa Oppa’, which is a great song for all fans to sing along to. The Korean version of this song has a video that was also directed by fellow SuJu member Shindong after it was filmed in the SBS building, seemingly as the boys attended performance rehearsals. We see them have fun and mess around and are subjected to Shindong’s questionable editing skills.

3. DBSK – ‘Hahaha’

This song is actually a cover of Korean rock band Jaurim’s original and was used in Samsung’s advertising campaign fronted by DBSK back when they were a five member group. This song is incredibly happy and upbeat, telling you to throw away your worries and laugh. We have put a live performance of the song for this playlist, but be sure to watch the Samsung adverts too if you haven’t already. They are so hilarious!

4. Dirty Eyed Girls -‘Abracadabra’ [2AM and 2PM Brown Eyed Girls Parody]

After 2AM and 2PM discuss how tired they are of being restricted to their specific music genres by JYP Entertainment, the members come together to let themselves loose and embrace an entirely new image. This parody of Brown Eyed Girls’ popular song ‘Abracadabra’ has some strangely pseudo-sexual moments, playing off the sexualisation featured in the original music video. The guys are clearly having so much fun together and the usually impeccable vocals are humorously terrible. Really entertaining.

5. Infinite Challenge – ‘BIG BANG – Haru Haru Parody’

‘Infinite Challenge’ is a programme known so well for its parodies that they are excitedly anticipated by fans of the hugely successful series. This particular parody is arguably one of the most famous, and is based on BIG BANG’s breakthrough song ‘Haru Haru’. This version is highly accurate in its recreation of the MV, and I defy anyone to not at least crack a smile at the comedians’ over-exaggerated gestures and acting. It’s certainly a must watch for any VIPs.

6. PSY – ‘Champion’

You were expecting ‘Gangnam Style’ or ‘Gentleman’, right? We all know that PSY is up for a great time and is more than willing to make fun of himself just by looking at those two songs. We decided that the equally catchy ‘Champion’ would make for a choice different from expectation though. This song is great fun, and it’s all about having a good time. PSY tells us that the real champion is the person who is enjoying their life and not judging others for any reason. The one downside to this song is that you will have to endure people who are not familiar with the Korean language poking fun at a particular word that is repeated throughout the track…oh, and that ‘Crazy Frog’ tune.

7. 2PM, 2AM, Jay Park, SHINee, Super Junior – “Girls’ Generation – Gee Parody’

This is one of many popular K-Pop songs that has been subject to many a parody since it’s release. Perhaps it is because it’s so cute, girly and catchy that the male idols can’t help but try it out for themselves. For this playlist, we have chosen the performance featuring groups from both JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment. It is very nice to see these groups on stage together as it is quite a rarity to see crossovers between the rival entertainment industries. There is no denying that the guys also do a great job of covering this song.

8. Lim Chang Jung etc. – ‘Open the door’

Many of you may already know Lim Chang Jung as he is a very famous actor and singer. In this very silly song, he is joined by a plethora of famous faces, including U-KISS, Kim Soo Roo and Super Junior’s Heechul. This is a song about giving your best at everything you do rather than being content with the minimum. This also extends into being the best person you can be. The MV shows Chang Jung encouraging people to do the right thing by simply staring at them and allowing the pressure of his eyes (and a little bit of a beating) to push them to come to the right conclusion. As you can probably tell from that explanation, this is a very strange but very entertaining MV. The song itself is also very catchy and infectious.

9. BEAST and Shin Bong Sun – ‘HyunA – Change Parody’

It’s always great to watch the special programmes at the end of the year (or on Korean holidays such as Chuseok) where lots of South Korean entertainers come together to dance, have fun and perform spoof versions of our favourite K-Pop stars and performances. This version of HyunA’s ‘Change’ from ‘Star Dance Battle’ is a personal favourite, however, there are so many to choose from (performed by comedian and idol group alike) that I’m sure you are already thinking back to your own favourite as you read this.

10. SNL Korea ft. Kim Gura – ‘Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar Parody’

Crayon Pop took South Korea by storm with their song ‘Bar Bar Bar’ last year, and as such, parodies abound! This particular version is from SNL Korea featuring Kim Gura – a comedian with a seemingly lucky chin. SNL Korea, much like the original American series, is known for its daring and often abstract comedy. The female cast are given the spotlight here and give their best to cover this crazy song and the outcome is very funny indeed.

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