A Pink’s Bomi and Namjoo have been grabbing headlines this week with their new sub-unit PINK BnN, lending sweet vocals to Brave Brothers’ 10th anniversary project.

Keeping Pink Pandas well informed on the new sub-unit as well as the girls’ regular schedule is A Pink International Forums. The cross-media fanbase has a staggering amount of translated information, videos, official information and news in English, and serves as a growing community for Pink Pandas. Their twitter site alone has 15,400 followers.

The International Forum provides a fantastic space for fans to share fan accounts, discuss songs or their favourite member as well as access pictures, videos and other information about A Pink. The content, layout and level of detail is fun and friendly, and it would be fantastic to see international forums of this kind set up for all K-pop acts.

If you’re just curious about A Pink and not ready to sign up to a forum yet, simply following the A Pink International twitterFacebook or  tumblr account is an easy way to keep up with info.

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