While the unfortunate news of England’s end to the World Cup is still fresh on everyone’s ears, there’s no need to wallow; WA$$UP are raising moral with their cheery new single, ‘Fire’, and their colourful World Cup-themed fashion!

The members are all wearing their own individual team colours and shirts but the clothes are all the same in their simplest form so the group look like a team of their own. The unity of the group is displayed through these individual looks – ironic, to say the least!

The silky crop tops all have corresponding countries and flags and a cheerleader-type look is created. South Korea and Brazil have been given most importance, with two members wearing the shirts for each of those teams. The sporty look is made further convincing by the striped socks, wristbands and sport shoes. The black high-waisted shorts allude to yoga shorts or dance shorts and also promote the sporty theme, especially the cheerleading vein.

Arguably the costumes aren’t that unique or original but the shirts seem custom-made and each outfit has been made to look a little different. Through the use of inventive hairstyling, each member takes on their own look and we see a range of different styles, though perhaps some of these aren’t so suitable for physical exercise… Having said that, the hairstyling definitely helps with the bright and fun atmosphere that surrounds these looks.

WA$$UP have had sporty concepts before, namely with their debut song. It is true that they have recycled the concept but it doesn’t feel dull or old and they seem to have freshened it up and shown something different with this new look. The only thing that is a little disappointing is that whoever styled this chose to make it a very ‘cheap’ look, baring as much skin as possible. That isn’t an attack on any of the group members, but it would have been nice to see the members less objectified. It is true that less well known groups face difficulties and must find ways to gain attention and popularity, yet it is disheartening to see the girl groups’ management thinking they have to turn to flaunting their figures. But on the other hand, it is easy to see that this concept is supposed to be full of energy and fun and we can see that the group have tried hard to promote this feeling!


What do you make of the clothing? And who are you backing now, if anyone at all, in the 2014 World Cup? Let us know in the comments!


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