For fans of the South Korean variety programme ‘SBS Running Man’, the clothing the cast and guests wear will be quite familiar to you. However, those of you who are not fans can also see how to get a very comfortable, casual look that is perfect for the summer months!

‘SBS Running Man’ is a show often termed as ‘urban variety’, it features a seven member cast and many celebrity guests engaging in a variety of missions in the hotspots of South Korea. The signature game of the programme though is the round in which the opposing teams aim to make their opponents ‘out’ by ripping off the name tag attached to their backs.

Now at its 200th episode, and after around 4 years going, the show is one of the most successful of its type. It’s international popularity has also been shown and the cast have travelled to Vietnam, China, Thailand and even Australia for special episodes.

Back in 2010 when the show was in its infancy, the cast and guests where limited to different coloured jumpsuits, but as the show gained popularity, the quality of their clothing began to improve. Today, the show is often sponsored by the biggest South Korean brands and their famous Velcro name-tags are stitched into each item specially.

For this piece, we will be looking at recreating the casual looks you see in the programme. These are the clothes that the members and guests are often running around and completing missions in, but the most seasoned RM fans will have probably noticed some themes. Below are some photographic examples of what our inspiration will be:



Yoo Jae Suk, Clothing, Top






A lot of their clothing features big, brightly coloured and cute cartoon characters, there are also many examples of good-quality, smart-casual polo shirts shown. The suggestions include some items that will help you feel comfortable as you go about your daily business, but also ensure that you still have that hint of style or interest in your look.

The beauty of these casual tops is that you can pair them will almost any bottom. The cast members frequently wear plain jeans or shorts with some brightly coloured trainers. Of course, the ladies that less keen on showing their pins off can go for a leggings or tights/shorts combo and still pull off that image of effortless style.

SBS Running Man, Clothing, Style, Fashion

Women’s White Woodstock Tank Top – New Look: £12.99

2. Women’s Blue Mickey Mouse T-Shirt – New Look: £12.99

3. Men’s White Tile Print Panel Polo Shirt – New Look: £14.99

4. Men’s Blue Ditsy Floral Contrast Collar Polo Shirt – New Look: £12.99

5. Women’s Navy Check Oversized Shirt – River Island: £28

6. Men’s White Hometown Amsterdam Print T-Shirt [Limited Edition!] – River Island: £14

7. Men’s White Cat and Dog Front Print Shirt – River Island: £10

8. Women’s Flip Flop and Fangs Banana T-Shirt £19.99

9. Cotton Cap – H&M: £6.99

10. Orange Floral Print Flat Peak Cap – New Look: £7.99

11. Black OMG Metal Trim Flat Peak Cap – New Look: £6

Another item the ‘SBS Running Man’ crew can be seen wearing frequently are very cool and eye-catching flat-peak, snapback caps. The original caps are usually from the famous South Korean brand ‘EL STINKO’, but there are plenty of cheaper caps available on the British High Street that won’t sent you back the £40 that EL STINKO will. The main idea is to go bright and bold, members are also often seen wearing caps that feature random words on them (and Gary’s now well-known ‘LEESSANG’ cap).

As always, if you are interested in the suggested items, please search for them in the respective online stores! [Listed in Sources].

– Here’s a bonus image for all you Monday Couple shippers out there! Aww!:



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