In this lesson we’ll look at some of South Korea’s beautiful scenery, as well as learning a little about the language too!



This is the verb ‘to be beautiful’, conjugated in the present tense. To make it less formal, just drop the 요. It comes from the verb ‘아름답다’ (a-reum-dap-da) which follows an irregular verb conjugation pattern. All verb stems ending with the consonant ‘ㅂ’ drop this consonant and replace it with ‘우’ . Another example of this is the verb ‘어렵다’ which means ‘to be difficult’. How do we conjugate it? It becomes ‘어려워요’. Don’t worry if you don’t understand all the grammar, as long as you follow the pattern.

Can you identify these beautiful scenes throughout South Korea? Scroll to the bottom for answers!

1st picture) If you’re a big K-Drama fan, you might have guessed this one! This is a picture of Nami Island, an ‘island’ which is actually landlocked, but where the lead characters from ‘Winter Sonata’ had their first kiss.

2nd picture) This is the Cheonggyecheon Stream at night. It flows right through Seoul for 8.4 kilometres!

3rd picture) Here is part of a temple in the Gyeongju region. Gyeongju is famous for its large burial mounds that cover royal tombs, and its very own type of sweet bread.

4th picture) This is Hyeopjae Island, situated around Jeju-do. While those crystal blue waters look very inviting and relaxing, you might be hard pressed to find a relaxing spot on this beach during summer!

5th picture) This belongs in Seoraksan Park, just one of the country’s very spacious, very beautiful national parks. Hiking is a popular activity in South Korea, and you can find many places to stay within these parks if you don’t want to leave straight away.

What kind of scenery do you find the most beautiful? Share your own pictures with us on Facebook and practise your Korean in the comments below!


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