SHINee’s Key has made his name as one of K-pop’s leading fashionistas, his fearless and on-point style putting him right at the top of the fashion-food chain. Here are three separate looks showcasing Key’s innate sense of style.

Key visited London on SHINee’s vacation show in 2013. Here we see Key in a more low-profile look in a simple denim jacket and jeans (though we can assume the prices were not so low-profile). It is easy to see the star’s own personal mark on this outfit, with his choice of accessories; the skeletal pin badges and dinosaur jewellery stay true to his eclectic personal style. What makes this look special is the simple layering, through which Key has stuck to only one pattern (the polka dots) for a less ‘busy’ and more minimalist look… and if anyone can pull of double denim, it’s Key!

Key is pictured here at Seoul Fashion Week 2013. This outfit is potentially one of this idol’s most creative and original looks yet; the sheer number of components and personal additions make this an outfit to remember. Key has chosen the khaki green cameo jacket with army print and paired it with black cargo pants to set of a militaristic tone, and these two items of clothes are often seen worn together. He edges into a horror theme next with his vampiric t-shirt and his wallet bearing a wolf’s face – an image Key appears to be emulating with his cheeky, confident expression. The black theme runs throughout as a base but the t-shirt now adds colour and life into an outfit that may have been rather understated otherwise. Finally, the double-brimmed cap and matching pin badge bring even more colour to this look and really prove Key’s almost futuristic, forward-thinking sense of style. Not everyone could pull off so many elements in one outfit!

The all important airport fashion! Here, Key shows another more simple look with an underlying French-chic tone. The heavy black Docs contrast with the delicate straw hat, both seemingly belonging to different seasons but this outfit marries them both together well. The striped top remains a little baggy, creating a very casual and laid-back look – though the Docs and smart jeans help to smarten this look up. One particularly interesting factor is the use of braces here, which keep the outfit in line with the French theme but also just simply offer more interest than if this outfit were to have been jeans and a t-shirt only.

Which look of these three do you like the best? Or do you have a particular favourite look of Key’s? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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