Welcome back to this weeks Fun Story! This week check out a variety show in which the board game Cluedo comes to… life? Crime Scene brings murder mysteries to life and who else but Solo Artist and Super Junior-M member Henry Lau who some may remember from variety show Real Man joins the team!

Most people have heard of the ever popular board game Cluedo; a game in which a group of players sit around a board paired with certain characters with the game. The players must then with a scenario of a murder mystery, must solve the case and find out of course who did it?

JTBC Crime Scene however takes a new angle to variety shows completely. The show bases itself on of course, a murder scene. Six suspects are shown to have been present or directly involved with the murder and thus are all prime suspects in the investigation. The six players, all of whom are well known on Korean screens through television, variety, drama or music take to the game as characters with aliases of different names related to the scene.




The first episode guest starring Henry Lau focuses itself on a chairman of a rather wealthy company who has been subsequently murdered dramatically in his bedroom. The players here play characters who are directly related to the victim, for example his wife, daughter, driver, nurse etc. The crime scene, centred in the victims house becomes the set in which all players must investigate for clues for example in rubbish bins or information on mobile phones.

As the show continues it is shown in the format in which viewers of the show can participate in live online polls for who they suspect is the murderer. Although all suspects are all seen as guilty, only one of them has been given the knowledge at the beginning of the show that they are the true murderer with no one including the audience aware of which player is in fact the culprit.

The show continues through a series of episodes with all characters trying to find who the murderer is, each episode more exciting than the other, it is a must watch variety show for all murder-mystery fans as well as those looking for something different in an exciting variety show!

The show’s thrilling atmosphere however could not go without some humour of course with SJ-M’s Henry Lau bringing much laughter to both his fellow players and the audience with his playful personality and jokes. It is a great show, highly recommended to spend the summer watching to pass the time or just for a good laugh!


So who do you think the murderer is…?

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of the show!


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