Sherlockians / fans of Sherlock may be interested to hear about a new cafe that opened this year in Gangnam, based on their favourite detective.

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London-based author Giacomo d. Lee currently resides in South Korea and posted a quick article on his website about the Sherlock-themed cafe in Gangnam which is appropriately named 221B. It pays tribute to the BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as the crime-fighting duo.

Any Sherlockians in Korea right now? Why not pay a visit to this cafe? You can watch episodes on the TV in the cafe too.

Here are some photos, courtesy of Giacomo d. Lee

sherlock-gangnam mug

221B menu

sherlock-gangnam menu

Have you been “Sher” locked?


For more photos and information on the cafe’s location and opening times, check out the original article.


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