Korean American rock trio Royal Pirates make a comeback with a new digital single “Betting Everything.”

Bassist James announced on his Instagram about a new song he composed and that it was due to be officially released this month. Anyone who watched Royal Pirates when they were on After School Club back in February of this year may recall James sing upon request of a fan during the hangout session. The song he sang turned out to be “Betting Everything” and it has finally been released digitally. It was also used at the end of an episode for Law Of the Jungle In The Indian Ocean.

According to the official SNS, “Betting Everything” is a demonstration of James’s strength in fighting his early struggles of living in Korea and leaving his family, betting his everything to win over the difficult circumstances and achieve his dream with music as his only support.

The single has four songs. An acoustic version in English and a light pop-rock version in Korean plus instrumental-only tracks. Looking at the lyrics themselves the song is a bittersweet romantic theme about how a man wishes his lover would come back to him. The feelings of emptiness and how black and white suddenly became coloured when this special person came into his life. The emotions pour out in this song and regardless of whether you’re listening to the acoustic or mellow pop-rock version of Betting Everything, the sad, heartbreaking message can be heard loud and clear.

You can listen to “Betting Everything” below:-


The English / acoustic version


[youtube id=”http://youtu.be/Bv2cpQmBeUI”]


The Korean version


[youtube id=”http://youtu.be/RSEssVPoRCY”]


9.3 Soothing and touches one's heart

Given that Royal Pirates are bilingual and have performed songs in English and Korean -aside from their covers on their Youtube channel and on radio shows- "Betting Everything" definitely has the potential to do well in the UK. Releasing the English version here may gain new fans as the song is easy-listening and reach to your heart.

  • Song theme 9.5
  • UK Potential 9
  • Music style 9.5
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 10

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