First generation idol group g.o.d fulfilled the wishes of many when they announced they would reunite, as five, for an eight album and 15th anniversary tour.
Almost two months have passed since the group released their preview track The Lone Duckling, and the group have finally opened an official YouTube channel in anticipation of their official comeback, with it came a series of teasers.

Each member has released a mini teaser on the run up to the release of their track Sky Blue Promise today. Though Sky Blue Promise has released Teaser Tuesday today take a look at the members’ individual teaser videos, and how they perfectly capture each of them.

Son Ho Young

Starting proceedings was Son Ho Young. We see him struggle to run up a series of steps, not something a man of his fitness level would seemingly have a problem doing. As the TS continues we find there is far more to this image.
Ho Young passes himself on the stairs, the second version of himself sat, his appearance troubled, but the Hoi we are following continues on, making it to the roof where he puts in ear phones and listens to the sounds of g.o.d’s debut single Dear Mother, a song that details a time of struggle.

This TS is a visual representation of Ho Young, his struggle, his pain, and his drive and determination to continue.

Danny Ahn

Next up to bat was Danny Ahn. His TS includes visuals of him driving an impressive Porsche and learning a script. Danny’s TS too ends in the sounds of g.o.d as he turns up the radio in his car, Love and Memory from the second g.o.d album plays.

Again a visual representation of the member this TS shows Danny’s skills and loves. Since the disbandment of g.o.d Danny’s ventures have mostly been in acting and hosting. His love and knowledge of cars also saw him land a position as a Top Gear Korea host, a position he’s held since last year.

Kim Tae Woo

Maknae Kim Tae Woo released next, his current status as Soul Shop Entertainment CEO portrayed clearly in his TS. We see Tae Woo feature as a one man record label, the original sole intention of Soul Shop, as he produced and records a track.

As Tae Woo sits in his studio after completing his recording he turns a volume dial, the sound of Lies, the title track of g.o.d’s third album plays.

Park Joon Hyung

Leader Park Joon Hyung takes centre stage in the penultimate TS. Anyone who follows Joon on Instagram may not be at all surprised at the content of his TS, it encompasses one of his sincere loves, skateboarding. His deck is even a customised g.o.d decal.
As Joon skateboards through the city he passes a tv playing the Observation mv, and as he plugs in his earphones the sounds of Chapter 2’s Friday Night play.

Yoon Kye Sang

The final TS marks the return of Yoon Kye Sang to the g.o.d family. An established model and actor the TS begins with Kye in the midst of a photo shoot. Soon the room is dark, and bare, and Kye is alone. Kye begins to listen to the Chapter 4 title song Road. A song about not being sure if the path you are on is the right now, the feeling that g.o.d always stayed in Kye’s mind and heart is strong.

It is in Kye’s TS that the final scene, the one that is the same in all of the teasers, save the member being different seems most prominent. Kye leaves his seat in the dark room and walks away, the TS fading out to the title card. Then we see the clip on him putting on his jacket to the cheers of fans. Only in Kye’s TS, and possibly rightly so, does it feel like a he walked into a very important decision.

It is interesting to note that every song featured in the TS series is one that was released when the group was in its original 5 formation, before Kye departed.

Take a look at how g.o.d have combined these TS videos, and the making of them, to create their Sky Blue Promise mv.



Are you an old or new fan of g.o.d? Have you watched the Sky Blue Promise mv and are you looking forward to their anniversary album? 

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