Currently some of the most watched shows in the world are directed reality shows that focus on particular groups of people and their daily lives. Such shows include Jersey Shore, The Hills, The Only Way Is Essex, and Made In Chelsea, all display some aspects of real life, but are also manipulated for entertainment purposes.
It appears InsiteTV is cashing in on this trend, following a group of (apparently) wealthy young men from the Gangnam district, aptly named the Gangnam Boys.

They revealed a teaser for the show featuring Tommy.

It appears, if you live in Gangnam and don’t know Tommy you’re a ‘loser‘, and of course girls will flock to him for no other reason than ‘he is Tommy‘.

Tommy even tries his luck with SPICA’s Jiwon, whom it appears initially stops thinking he recognised her, he is however unaware of her idol status. This in fact being the only part of Tommy’s ignorance that is understandable, many young adults in Korea may not recognise a current idol, even when faced with one.

One can only wonder what this show aims to prove.

There is mass cultural stereotyping of Korean men especially across Asia due to their portrayal in dramas, and even music. The stereotype implies Korean men are romantic and protective, manly yet soft. Korea is a nation of men that who are able to combine emotion with manliness.
Gangnam Boys, if the teaser is anything to go by, looks set to chip into those stereotypes. Of course, idols chip away at the stereotype all the time, with scandals and careless talk, but fans will always appear a little blind to the misgivings of the idols they love.

Though Tommy and the Gangnam Boys aren’t idols, with armies of fans, so exactly how will they be perceived?

If you’ve always longed for a Korean version of your favourite directed reality show Gangnam Boys may fill that hole, maybe all Gangnam Boys will serve to do is make you cringe.

Either way, maybe a little stereotype dispelling is worth it.

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