Following on from recent releases like Boy In Luv and Just One Day, Bangtan Boys / BTS have returned with a new song and full length album. We take a look at look at their new single Danger.

This song is not a happy go lucky track and a far cry from something touching like Just One Day. It talks about a guy who is incredibly angry with his girlfriend who apparently doesn’t treat him well, no signs of loving a boyfriend, just quick SMS messages or kicking him around like he’s nothing. He’s getting furious about his treatment and warns the girl she is in danger of seeing his emotions breaking out.

The fierceness that can be seen in Boy In Luv reappears in the music for Danger, retreating from the group’s usual territory of hip-hop dance tracks or smooth R’n’B (think Miss Right from the Skool In Luv repackaged album). Next to the mighty guitar in the background, BTS‘s raps are toned down compared to the other hard-hitting songs on their previous albums however the emotion still claws their way into the song and the vocals are sharp that you can hear the fury from the group as they express their hurt feelings while performing.

The teasers were good indication on what to expect from the Danger MV. Darkly lit from start to finish and shot in various places e.g. subway or abandoned warehouses. No storyline involved but perhaps given the song is about an angry guy spewing his emotions out, perhaps it was better that way. Choreography in the video is fantastic and will certainly do well in live performances at concerts or music shows.

The MV can be seen below:

Notable moments from the MV

– I like how the opening sequence in the MV sets the feel of the track and letting the viewer anticipate something big to happen. You see the members doing different things. All is quiet and normal until the song begins

V cutting his hair

Jungkook on the piano…and then smashing it later on. RIP piano.

– There is a specific move in the dance routine where the guys casually stroke the back of their neck in a cool manner

8.3 Boy In Luv pt2 and with more punch

Danger feels like a follow-up to Boy In Luv with similar music style and angry, angsty boy in love theme. Perhaps more aggressive when it comes to the emotion in lyrics but also the choreography. It's certainly nice to see BTS dive into other music genres and also put more vocal section in their songs to compliment the rapping. If released in the UK, Danger could possibly do well because of its choreography and fashion styling. Not much English involved in the lyrics other than "You're In danger" but perhaps a UK music listener will be busy dancing to notice the Korean language.

  • UK Potential 7.5
  • Music style 8.5
  • Choreography 9
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 9.3

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