GOT7 have come back with a new mini album called “Got Love.” How does it compare to the group’s debut mini album though? Here is our quick track by track review.

1. U Got Me A girl has captured the boys’ heart. The rappers murmur u got me, u got me good and they’re saying they’re not players. Why not give them a shot? they say. As one particular line of the song goes Reject me or take me it’s your choice girl but I bet you’ll go crazy with just my voice Talk about a cheeky song but it’s got a funky beat which opens the mini album rather well.

2. A First comeback single to promote the mini album. A/Ei is about a girl who tries to hide her feelings for a boy but the latter is saying her hiding her true feelings towards him is not working (‘stop fronting’ as the song goes) and to stop running so they could just become a couple. This is a grower type of song. I wasn’t entirely sure whether I liked this song because the endless A repetition in the chorus was tiring but the more I listened, the more I could not resist the catchy beat. A is a happy track that can lift your mood.

3. Bad Behaviour (나쁜 짓) A deep monologue and repetition of “we’ve got bad behaviour” which then kicks off into a heavy bass tune. Definitely a club track. As the song title says, it talks about secrets and bad behaviour. The guy isn’t having it and wants his girl to tell the truth, to not feel shy or ashamed.

4. Good Tonight Want to do something fun? Feeling good? Then go follow GOT7. Have some fun with them. Let everything out. Take the night for yourself. This will certainly be a live performance favourite at concerts or special shows, as this 2nd album showcase showed.


5. Forever Young Time to slow it down with a smooth R’n’B track. GOT7 talk about wanting to be forever young with their girl who is not with them at the moment. I wish I could feel ‘forever young’ to be quite honest.

6. A (-collapsedone- remix) A remix which surprised me. The dance beat is lessened to present an acoustic take on the leading single. If GOT7 ever do unplugged shows, I hope they perform A in this setting because it makes the song much more touching and sweeter.

7. A (TOYO remix) A is sped up here but still has a smooth pace like the original version.

8. A (FRANTSremix) Heavy on dubstep. If you want to dance to A speedily, take advantage of this remix.

8.5 Cool tunes and a nod to 90s pop groups

If Got It was about showing the hip-hop/swag of GOT7, then Got Love seems to be a massive throwback to 90s pop. After repeatedly listening to the teasers, my original feeling of being transported back to the time when I was into the likes of Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block somehow got deeper. U Got me, Good tonight and A's music styles reminded me of this specific era. My biggest surprise was the A -collapsedone- remix whilst Forever Young sweetly reminds me of my secret wish to look and feel young. With a nice blend of rap and strong vocals, GOT7's new mini album is great to play for the summer when you want to chill or even dance in the sunshine.

  • UK potential 8.8
  • Music style 8.8
  • Song variety 8
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 5.3

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