In the words of 2NE1… I’m busy!



저는  바빠요.

(jeo-neun ba-ppa-yo)

 – This is the polite word for ‘I’

바쁘다 – (ba-ppeu-da) This is the verb ‘to be busy’. Here, we have conjugated it into the polite present tense.

…And that’s about it! This phrase is super simple, but where do 2NE1 come into it?

In their song, ‘I’m Busy’, 2NE1 used the phrase, “난 바빠.”

‘난 바빠’ (nan ba-ppa) means exactly the same thing as ‘저는  바빠요’ but it is a more informal way to say it. has become and the topic marking particle has been contracted; instead of 나는 we are just saying .  바빠요 has dropped the 요 to switch to informal language.

The other phrase used in the song is, 너무 바빠 (neo-mu ba-ppa), meaning ‘too busy’ or, “I am too busy.”

If you have any questions about the rest of the vocabulary in the song, or any Korean questions, just leave your question in the comment section below and we’ll do our best to answer!


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