After looking at the worst English lyrics in k-pop, have you ever though about what’s the best English k-pop lyric? Usually, the English is sprinkled in a song to help us international fans, but usually it doesn’t carry a notable meaning. Every so often, the English can be enough to impress even those who speak it as a first language! Here’s our top 5 English lines in k-pop.

5. Eddy Kim – 2 Years Apart

It would be hard to stay with me, 2 years apart.

This sad love song about a man who has been separated from his girlfriend for 2 years to do military service. He sings about his fear of losing her, and how he trusts that she will come back.

4. Mamamoo – Don’t be happy

Don’t you dare crack a smile.

Mamamoo and Bumkey tell a story of their ex getting into a new relationship. Out of sadness, they’re being told to not be happy in this new relationship, to never smile again.

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3. Tablo – Bad

Love is a sickness, can I get a witness.

Tablo’s take on what love is like – no matter how much it hurts you, you can’t stop falling in love. You’re blinded with good feelings to the point of not seeing the harm you’re doing to yourself hence the lyric “can I get a witness”.

2. G-Dragon – That XX

They say love is blind, oh baby you’re so blind.

A similar meaning to Tablo’s lyric, G-Dragon talks about the girl who’s in a bad relationship as he helplessly watches from the sidelines.

1. 2NE1 – Go Away

Fiancé? Beyoncé. I’m walking out of destiny.

A reference to Beyoncé’s choice to leave Destiny’s Child, with a mixed meaning of CL wanting to go against what destiny has in store for her.

Which k-pop English lyric is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!


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