Welcome back to Film Friday! Today we’ll be looking at a new film I watched recently, Plan Man. Let’s go!

This film follows Jung Seok, a man with serious OCD who lives his life by the alarms he sets on his watch. He does the same things, day in day out, and he can’t live his life comfortably with any kind of mess or disorder. We watch as Jung Seok sets an alarm to confess to the girl who works in the convenience store that he goes to everyday, as he feels a strong connection with her due to her also having severe OCD.

His carefully timed plan is ruined on the day he plans to confess as the girl he likes isn’t at work for some reason, and instead he comes face-to-face with So Jung, a messy and free-spirited girl. After a series of events, So Jung and Jung Seok begin to spend much more time together, however unwillingly on his behalf, but it’s fair to say that Jung Seok has to face many fears and change his ways when So Jung forces herself firmly into his life.

This film was an absolute delight, and I highly, STRONGLY, recommend this to everyone! It’s an unusual and quirky rom-com that has you cheering for the main character the entire time. The only small thing that I didn’t like about this film was that at many points in the film, his condition is not taken very seriously and it’s treated as if forcing him to confront things that bother him will change him immediately, which is obviously not the case. But I digress, definitely watch this film for a chuckle!

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