It’s been a while since K-pop has surfaced in the UK media, but it’s back again, and this time we’re in The Economist!

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On August 9th, The Economist released an article on K-pop and the growth of Korea as detailed in Euny Hong’s book ‘The Birth of Korean Cool’. The article – and book – describe the stark difference in Korea pre-K-pop and how a financial crisis became the birth of the Hallyu.

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The Birth of Korean Cool‘ is a closer look at K-pop, what it is and how it came to be. The book also contains interviews with top stars, chefs and critics to uncover exactly why Korea suddenly became ‘cool‘, even beating out Japan.

To read the full Economist article, click here.

Copies of Euny Hong’s book are available from amazon, here, for just £14.99 (or $16). The book is due for release tomorrow, August 14th.



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