I’ve gotta confess, I have a weakness for male maknaes. They have to deal with all the flack at home from their older brothers, and are most often forced into cutesy boy concepts because it (apparently) best fits their image as the youngest.

But there’s no way SHINee’s maknae, Lee Taemin, will be forced into cutesy clothes any more. You’ll be lucky to even get him to wear a shirt if his flirty solo teaser images are anything to go by. Hooray!

As the first SHINee member to release a solo album, this maknae is definitely on top this month. It’s surprising none of the others have ventured forth; given that SHINee debuted as a group in 2008, and have a strong dedicated fanbase in Shawols.

The bare essentials, then: Taemin is a ’93 liner, just turned 21 last month in western age. He was discovered by S.M. Ent at an open casting audition in 2005, which means he’s been training and working as an idol for almost ten years. See him evolve from fluffy debut puppy to smouldering photoshoot sex-god here (which has his new song Ace as a soundtrack).

Taemin’s mini album Ace will be released next week (Mon 18th), and we’ve already covered the teaser here. Expect to hear both Ace and Danger on this week’s Music Bank, as a preview of the official release. Be sure to keep tabs on this sexy maknae’s official website as he will likely perform an all-kill on the charts, and noona hearts worldwide.



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