In this week’s Western Wednesday’s, we’ve compiled a list of a few of the many idols who can speak English at a reasonably good level. Whether they’ve been born and raised in an English speaking country or have been studying for a long time, the end result allows us international fans to communicate with them.

Rap Monster
BTS’ Rap Monster has an outstanding level of English, which was self taught through hip hop music. If anyone has lost motivation self studying Korean, just know that if Rap Monster can become so fluent from self studying, then so can you! Check out his English log.

Due to his American connections in the industry, G-Dragon has had to learn English. His English has improved drastically throughout his career, and these days he seems to have no trouble when out with his American friends. Check out this bts video filmed by one of the models in the Tonight mv.

Born and raised in the US, Tiffany speaks English as her mother tongue meaning she’s 100% fluent. She demonstrates this through an interview with Danny in her home town.

CL & Bom
Due to her travelling a lot as a child, CL has had to learn English in order to communicate with locals whilst learning their language. Bom spent some time studying in America where she also learned English.

Another idol who was born in America, Amber from F(x) uses English a lot to communicate with her fans over SNS. Especially through her fun Instagram videos.

Henry is known to be a master at languages, as he has the ability to 3! English being his mother tongue as he was raised in Canada. Interview starts 10 minutes in.

Another idol who seems to have taught himself English, Taeyang is always keen to use English in SNS and is usually the main speaker from Big Bang in American interviews.

As he was raised in Canada, Tablo’s first language was English along with Korean. Check out his interview with BBC!

Sam from Lunafly is a British Korean who grew up in the UK, giving him the luxury of being able to speak both Korean and English. Check out his shoutout to UnitedKpop readers.

Who else would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!


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