Jackie Chan‘s five member male group JJCC have come back with a new single that follows on from At First. How does it compare? Here is a review of BingBingBing (Oneway).

BingBingBing (Oneway) has a rather simple theme – describing a man’s determination of winning a girl’s heart and that since his strong love is simply one way that it’ll come straight to her. What’s interesting here is how the rap sections very much portray the guy’s confidence that he will get the girl because his love for her is hot and he’ll go crazy if he can’t succeed, whilst when it comes to Eddy‘s singing where he starts with You’re my heart and the song’s tone becomes more reassuring, as if to say “Don’t worry girl I hear you. I’m coming for you. It’ll be okay.” A common contrast you may notice in a lot of groups when they have singing and rapping side by side.

The song’s music pace is much faster compared to the slow, smooth feel of “At First” and as a result there is more choreography to digest when you watch the MV. Some slick moves can be seen here and there, a few questionable ones that may get an excited reaction from “Keys” (the fanbase name).

Viewers won’t find much of a storyline in the MV and it is very much a ‘box video’ with a green screen and lot of focus on dancing and acrobatics (largely in thanks to the appearance of Taekwondo team K-Tigers), as well as emphasis on lights and special effects e.g. the CG robots dancing alongside the members. The feel of the MV overall is rather futuristic but it somehow blends incredibly well with the catchy repetition of Bingbingbing.

Notable moments

– Prononciation of the band’s name has gone from Double JC to J-J-C-C.

– The slow windswept shots of JJCC at the beginning and later on in the MV.

– When the members are on the floor, in a press-up position and take turns to do the circular movements with their upper bodies as they stay down.

SimBa‘s last rap part with the piano playing in the background makes the song subtly romantic alongside Eddy’s vocals.

– How the members arms move in sync to the random waves.

You can watch the full MV below.

8.0 Futuristic, catchy beat

This is definitely a jump from JJCC's debut single. BingBingBing would work in a club, especially with the 'bingbingbing' line. There isn't much English used but the few lines mentioned in the song are brief but there shouldn't be any language barrier since the listener may be too busy bopping away to the song without paying attention to the Korean language. Perhaps the smooth rapping and soothing singing will keep them occupied.

Something to note: If you want more JJCC I recommend checking out the other two songs featured on said group's 1st mini album. There is the emotional rock ballad You're Leaving and jazz/R'n'B fused romantic song Be Good. Both tracks are not over the top and manage to play it safe when it comes to presenting JJCC vocals and cool rapping. I like how the other two songs on the mini album contrast the leading single because it can show the listener that these guys have vocal potential and can dabble with either dance or R'n'B. I hope there will be a full length album out soon to showcase further talent.

  • UK Potential 8
  • Choreography 8.5
  • Music style 8,5
  • Vocal performance 8.5
  • MV storyline 7
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

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