Male idol group Boyfriend have returned with Witch, becoming this week’s MV Monday artist. We covered the groups teasers last week for Teaser Tuesday, finding a mix in concepts, and it looks like, although we were on the right track, we were a little short of the mark.

Most importantly, Boyfriend are not Vampires. They’re werewolves. A simple case of a styling mishap has the boys wearing dental mouthpieces with more of a resemblance to Vampire fangs, as Boyfriend don’t appear to have oversized lower fangs, as a werewolf would.

Photo: Witch mv

As with their track Obsession, Boyfriend have taken another old fairytale and revamped it – this time Little Red Riding Hood, most often attributed to the Brothers Gimm, though first told by Charles Perrault.

Boyfriend give Little Red Riding Hood a modern makeover, in fact a far more powerful image is given to the tale. We know this is the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, not only because of the hooded cape, but because of the newspaper the members read.

Photos: Witch mv

A corpse with the BF mark has been discovered again, and the red riding hood also been found on the scene

The wolf pack are all tattooed with the initials BF. It takes no stretch of imagination to know where that came from. The newspaper tells that one of their pack is dead, and maybe Red Riding Hood is to blame?

The pack are working on integrating into society, they even have human friends. Though is there something they don’t know about her?

Photos: Witch mv

Before leaving the pack she makes sure to leave a lasting impression on Boyfriend, and lead them back to her.

Photos: Witch mv

Their friend is in fact Red Riding Hood, the person killing the wolves.

Photos: Witch mv

The refreshing element of this mv, outside of modernising an old tale, is the portrayal of the lead female. Red Riding Hood here is not passive nor leading a life that revolves around wanting a man, as many females in male idol mvs are.
She is strong and individual, stronger than her supernaturally enhanced male opponents. Red Riding Hood no longer needs a man to protect her, there is no woodsman in this modern version protecting her, she does it herself.

Witch is catchy, and the mv fits the musical style. This is a track worth checking out.


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