Readers may recall British singer Rita Ora teaming up with HyunA to film Girl, You Better Walk which was a sketch for online comedy series Funny Or Die.

Following the footsteps of HyunA and f(x), it appears more famous faces of the Hallyu Wave are making appearances on Funny Or Die‘s channel Be Funny Studios.

In the latest episodes, Korean American actor Steven Yeun is joined by the likes of 2NE1‘s Dara and actor Park Hyuk Kwon.

The star of US TV series The Walking Dead leaves behind his LA life and romance with Dara to kick start an acting career in his parent’s native South Korea. When Steven arrives in Korea he is lured away from the acting world by a manager who encourages him to try his luck with the craze Mokbang, which is Broadcast Eating.

You can watch a trailer of “What’s Eating Steven Yeun?” over on Funny Or Die‘s website to get a taste of what Steven encounters.

Links to the episodes are available on Be Funny Studios website.


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