Last week London Film Festival audiences were lucky enough to experience a short concert and appearance by none other than Super Duo Donghae and Eunhyuk from Super Junior.

The two performed some of their most popular songs for a full audience of fans, and held a Q&A for Donghae’s role in the new film “The Youth Project”, which was also shown at the Odeon West End where the event took place.

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Donghae and Eunhyuk were clearly enjoying the show and spending time with their UK fans, as they were joking around on stage and even tried their hand at some English phrases and words to the crowds immense joy, even if, as Eunhyuk started the concert by pointing out: “My English is very… not good”.

At one point, the Duo also seemed to become slightly miffed by the amount of cameras in the Audience, as they asked their fans to put their phones and cameras away and “simply enjoy the show!”

Obvious highlights from the appearance seemed to be Donghae’s promise that they would return to London and the UK later with more songs, the Duo’s profession of the audience as their girlfriends, as well as a mention of Super Show, which has now been confirmed.

As for their performance, a crowd favourite was their ending stage with Oppa Oppa, their first solo song, which had fans singing along enthusiastically:

Another favourite was, not surprisingly, their beautiful performance of Still You, which was even filmed here in London.

Despite some broken English and a few awkward moments, the concert and screening was a huge success, and the Q&A afterwards was interesting, as Donghae seems to have impressed with his performance in acting.

Q&A with Donghae

Q: Why was this role attractive to you?

A: I always wanted to act. It seemed like a good choice, to start out with something smaller, like this project, and then to branch out and maybe do bigger things later. I have always liked the idea of playing a school boy in a uniform, and it was fun to express the character.

We spent 4 days and nights shooting, and during that time I didn’t think about the fact that it would be released. Now I feel a bit shy to be appearing as an actor and not just as a singer. But I am very happy to know that everyne here would be seeing the film, and it makes me want to work harder, both for myself and for everyone seeing it for the first time.

Q: How was it to play a bad guy?

A: It was different, a little bit difficult. I don’t have any experience with being a bad guy myself, but it was also what drew me to the role. The idea of playing a character that is a total opposite of myself.

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Q: What kind of actor do you want to be?

A: I want to learn more how to express a character through my acting. Before filming, I learned a lot from Park Geun Young, who is a very respected actor and who I look up to a lot. I want to continue to learn and to be told off more if I do things wrong, so that I can learn more.

Q: In a romantic type of film, who would you like to play? The guy who wins the girl, or the one who looses the girl?

A: I want to play the guy who dies for the girl. (Hehehe) I like romance, and I think it’s something everyone likes and can relate to in many ways.

Q: You have gone from Singer to Composer, and now on to acting. Any change you will be directing in the future?

A: I am not that smart, so no, I don’t think so. I am fortunate enough to be able to pursue a lot of hobbies, like photography. Because of what I do, and the support I can do many things. I lack in a lot, but you guys, my fans, make me great. I don’t want to make mistakes and disappoint anyone.

Q: What was the hardest part of acting in this film, and who inspires you as an actor?

A: Park Geun Young is my biggest inspiration, he is a very famous actor in Korea.

Crying was absolutely not difficult. My favourite part was the most difficult, there is a running scene in the film where my character is chasing another character. It took a long time to shoot, but it was a lot of fun.

Q: Did you like your character?

A: Yes. I think he is a very interesting character. Jeong Woo was a man who had everything, and then lost it. I think if it happened to me, I would maybe become like him too.

Q: There was some fighting in the film. Do you have any experience with fighting?

A: I fought a lot in High school…. (Eunhyuk: He also swears a lot!!)

Eunhyuk: The members were very excited to see Donghae do an angry scene, because he usually does not get angry a lot. They also thought that the role of a “boy’s boy” suited Donghae, but it was very surreal seeing him on screen acting.

Q: Why is it that you love Titanic so much?

Eunhyuk:  I like Titanic as well, but Donghae… He has it on all the time in the background while doing other stuff.

Donghae: I think I watch it every day…

Ending the Q&A, Donghae and Eunhyuk took a picture on stage with the audience in the back, and ended with a promise of returning soon after their new album would be released.


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