MV Monday today takes a look at the first of YG’s hip hop projects, a collaboration between BIGBANG members, best friends and established solo artists, GD and Taeyang.

Their release, Good Boy, is accompanied by a music video shot for the 2015 YouTube Music Awards, and is currently one of two YouTube Music Moment videos, the other being from a popular YouTube cover artist.

YouTube Music Moment videos are directed by top American music video directors, and Good Boy got its American mv treatment from Colin Tilley. Currently nominated for Director of the Year at the 2014 Black Entertainment Television Awards, and boasting a whole host of music video awards, Colin Tilley has made music videos for some of this years biggest hits, including: Salute by Little MixJason Derulo’s Wiggle; and the controversial Anaconda by Nicki Minaj, one of the only women to not get the note re strong female role models & feminism this year.

It’s not too long ago BIGBANG were apologising for being Bad Boys, but it seems just two years on GD and Taeyang are claiming it just an image and reputation, they are really Good Boys.

Tilley appears to have tried to merge the common styles of Kpop mvs, with markers of his own American styling, much like the current trend for mv concepts.
Good Boy’s visual is very much about Korea as digital and entertainment leaders, Korea as the future. A key element of being a leader in your field is a knowledge of your past, and the ability to embrace and draw influences from those who reigned previously. That is why alongside the high technology and zany, ahead of the curve fashion, there are strong 80/90s vibes.

With warehouse rave styling, and 90s arcade games like Dance Dance Revolution, the sound even includes elements that sound like video games, the mv and track hail back to their industry predecessors.

Good Boy is catchy, and captures elements of the best of both artists, and Colin Tilley certainly pulls off that YG style well.


What do you think of YG’s first of two hip hop projects?


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