This week’s fan talent is ToXIC$!

ToXIC$ are a friendly, 13 piece dance crew from Sweden. They produce perfectly in-sync dance covers and even go that extra mile to make their videos creative and more interesting to watch. They film in locations that match the concept, and even include out takes at the end of their videos for a bit of extra fun.

ToXIC$ is made up of members, who go by their stage names; Kami, Moa, Karo, Nani, Ema, Ruru, Qweam, JJ, Aviva, Lina, Alma, Vera, and Frida. They started off in 2010 when 9 girls who met through an Asian dance network in Stockholm. In 2012 they decided to take their dancing to the next level by starting a summer camp which people could join. At the end of that summer, they formed ToXIC$. They all share the same mindset of perfectionism, they put a lot of work into perfecting the routines and synchronising them up perfectly.

They’ve won 3rd place in SM Entertainment’s I Got a Boy  Dance Cover Contest, 1st in the K-pop World Festival regional round in Sweden, and also smaller online contests held by KpopChonny and K-music.

They’ve also recently taken part in a dance festival which was held in Gothenburg!

In the future, they’re looking at covering Jo Kwon‘s Animal, Beast‘s Good Luck and Kara‘s Mamma Mia as well as beginning to showcase some original choreography. Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel so you don’t miss it!

As if all this wasn’t enough, ToXIC$ also cover Japanese, Thai, and Taiwanese songs. These can be found on a separate channel which they’ve dedicated to other country’s song covers.

You can also find them on Facebook and Tumblr so you don’t miss any updates. Don’t be afraid to drop a comment or two – they’re extremely friendly. If you would like to contact them directly, it’s recommended you use their email:

Check out their most recent cover of F(x)‘s Red Light!



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