Fresh-faced, Fantastic, Flower boys…  make way for new sub-unit Infinite F, debuting in Japan today!

Infinite’s maknae line of Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong were officially named a sub-unit at the One Great Step Returns concert in February 2014. Since then they’ve performed at just one more live event, Infinite’s That Summer 2 concert in Seoul.

Their first song Heartbeat features on the OST for weekly drama High School Love On. A second song, I’m Going Crazy, was on Infinite’s Korean studio album Season 2. With such success already building in Korea, it may seem odd to choose Japan instead of Korea for their debut, but these guys are already becoming familiar faces on Japanese screens too.

L, real name Myungsoo, appeared in Japanese drama Jiu and has released his own photobook, L’s Bravo Viewtiful. Sungyeol is starring in High School Love On, which like many Korean dramas has a huge following in Japan. Sungjong is co-hosting the weekly Super Idol Chart Show, now being aired on Japanese TV.

Bringing this beautiful flower boy trio together, today’s release is a Japanese version of Heartbeat, calledこいのサイン(Love Sign). The song, and its matching MV are chirpily pastel sweet, similar in tone to Infinite’s 2013 hit Man in Love, with the guys baking cupcakes, writing music and drawing pictures before floating off merrily in a hot air balloon together. It’s a cheerfully optimistic tune to counteract the mid-November chills, and aligns well with similar J-pop acts in the charts. With sweet tones and boyish charms by the bucketload, Infinite F are sure to earn more fans in the Japanese market this month.

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For seasoned Inspirits, this trio is even more of a thrill to contemplate live. They have performed as a musical band before (playing keyboards, guitars, and drums); and Myungsoo routinely performs solo songs with an acoustic guitar, but it’s been much rarer to see Sungyeol and Sungjong flying solo. Sungyeol is known for his long legs, brooding looks and playfulness, while Sungjong’s androgynous looks and sexy girl group dances have set many fangirl and fanboy hearts aflutter. It’ll be a genuine thrill to see and hear these boys let loose on stage without their hyungs.

This week’s Japanese debut and CD release is being promoted with mini live events in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo, including a handshake meeting for 200 fans in Tokyo. There’s also a special pop-up store in Harajuku, Tokyo open until 30 November, selling a range of exclusive Infinite F goodies including hoodies, clear files and cushion covers.

While the CD out today includes a DVD copy of the official MV, it hasn’t been released by the official Woollim Ent channel yet, so here’s the MV teaser… let Infinite’s maknae line take you and your feels up, up and away!


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