After two and half hours of a Jung Woo Sung marathon at Odeon West End thanks to Cold Eyes and The Killer Behind The Old Man (in case you missed it, see our film reviews here), the exciting evening continues when the actor himself returned to the stage to sit down for an intimate Q+A with the panel and audience.

The Q+A lasted approximately 30 – 40 minutes yet it was incredibly informative from start to finish for newcomers and long term fans of Jung Woo Sung. Despite demonstrating a good understanding English upon arrival, Jung Woo sung felt comfortable with the assistance of an interpreter during the evening.

However the slight language barrier was certainly no restriction as the actor was able to share plenty of laughs with the audience about his experiences of filming on set for specific projects from past and present and what aspects stood out to him during his career as an actor but also express his appreciation of seeing so many fans attend the screening at this year’s LKFF. A particular instance which certainly made people chuckle was when he stood up from his seat to demonstrate his shower experience while filming in China and there was a heating issue.

When it came to the audience’s turn to ask questions, it was undoubtedly a battle to see who would get picked first as many people wanted to get a question across. After the Q+A finished, Jung Woo Sung participated in a hand print ceremony that is often arranged by the London Korean Cultural Centre for big name Korean stars who visit the UK for festivals or other exclusive events celebrating Korean films or the culture itself.

Some photos from the evening can be seen below.

Were you at the screening and Q+A? What did you think?



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