You may have noticed that we have paid a bit of special attention to LUNAFLY in the past. One of their members, Sam Carter, is of British descent – of course, a fairly unusual trait for a K-Pop group member. Well, they are now endearing themselves to European fans even more as they have released a Spanish single entitled ‘Quiero Besarte’!

The boys sing entirely in Spanish (aside from that occasional English line), and seem to be having a really good time running around on the beach and catching the bus. It is a very upbeat and happy song that will surely be in stuck in your head even if you aren’t fluent in the Spanish language.

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‘Quiero Besarte’ translates to ‘I want to kiss you’ in English, which will surely leave a lot of the female Lukies swooning!

You can watch the music video for the single below!:

Would you like to see other K-Pop artists releasing songs in European languages?


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