Today’s Weekly Idol Wednesday takes a look at LOEN Entertainment’s boy group HISTORY.

This five member boy group are Kyungil, Dokyun, Sihyoung, Jaeho and Yijeong. They are LOEN Entertainment‘s first boy group and debuted in April 2013 with their first single “Dreamer” which had fellow labelmate IU on narration. Their next comebacks during the same year came in the form of two mini albums by the names of “Just Now” and “Blue Spring” with “What Am I To You?” and “Tell Me Love” as the respective title tracks to promote these albums.

This year’s comeback was through their third mini album “Desire” which contained the title track Psycho. In case you missed our review, you can read it here.

Popular Songs


Tell Me Love

What Am I To You? . The video was filmed in Germany and happens to have a 19+ rating (although this might be tame by UK standards when you watch it).

Psycho live performance from Show Champion. If you want to see their dance moves in more detail, check out the dance practice video

Why I chose History for Weekly Idol

The first time I came across HISTORY was from their latest song “Psycho” (screencaps of the MV made me very curious so I had to check it out) and I then came across “Dreamer” later on. Needless to say, I was very surprised. The debut track and their latest comeback single were very different and after listening to their mini albums that have so far dabbled with dance, jazz and ballad styles I definitely enjoy their sound, especially as I’m a sucker for harmonies. Side note: I’ve gotten so used to boy groups with a lot of members that whenever I come across a trio, quartet or quintet it takes me a while to adjust again. Can’t wait to hear more from this group. Let’s see what LOEN have in store for their next comeback.


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