Alternate Listening Tuesday this week takes a look at a project production by RAINSTONE. Rainstone, who’s real name is Woo S. Rhee, is a producer, songwriter, and Senior Vice President of JYPE USA. After the musical production of the track, the main crux of audio comes from a formerly unlikely collaboration.

BrandNew Music’s big hitting rap genius’ San E and Verbal Jint provide quick fire rap lyrics along side the smooth R&B of American musical powerhouse Brian McKnight.

Brian is in fact no stranger to Kpop, being the writer behind Fly To The Sky’s 2002 ballad Condition of the Heart.

The RAINSTONE project track is named RAINSTORM, an obvious play on the producer’s name, but also befitting of the lyrics.

The blend of R&B ballad and rap not only fit the experimental artists well, but are accompanied by an EDM dub bass sound, creating a unique style for Korea.

The mv is extremely simple, essentially a lyrics video. RAINSTORM uses grey tones, one model, and a combination of English and Korean type to display the lyrics. Its understandable that the three artists didn’t appear in the mv, due to timing and schedules they may not have spent much time together from start to end of production, though it may have been even more interesting to see the trio in the place of the model.

RAINSTORM lives up the expectations set by such an impressive trio, and is most definitely a track to check out.

What do you think of this project track? Are there any western artists you’d like to see team up with artists from Korea? 


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