MV Monday today takes a look at the second mv released from Teen Top’s Éxito album. Their first release came in the form of Missing, and its follow up, released today is I’m Sorry.Compared to Missing the mv for I’m Sorry is nothing special in terms of stunning locations and narrative, though it is the visual rebrand of Teen Top during Éxito that is most interesting.

As with most Kpop groups debuting after the turn of the decade Teen Top broke onto the scene with an image of young, rebellious boys you couldn’t help but love. Having been around for four years, and with their oldest member just having turned 22 an image change was inevitable.

With more sophisticated styling, considered choreography and shooting that shows each member up close and exposed you can see a visual maturing of the group. This is always one of the most exciting brand changes for groups, especially as many of them debut so young, there has to be a point in which their images grows up with them.
Some groups are able to hold this off for a considerable time, realistically JYPE’s 2PM held off the full maturing of their group until their Grown album last year.
Some groups benefit from the change, Boyfriend have considerably changed the perception of their group by moving away from their boy next door styling.
This growing up doesn’t mean an idol group now remains exclusively in suits, singing ballads. Maturing a visual changes the ideas associated with the group, and once an older image is established the group are able to still show their varying styles yet being seen as older than their original brand.
BIGBANG can still confidently pull off youthful, left of field concepts like Fantastic Baby. 2PM can still party like their younger selves.

I’m Sorry is a great example of maturing a group with a very solid image, and Éxito is conceptually strong, this transition should be an easy one for Teen Top.

Do you like Teen Top’s maturing image?


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