Korean Indie duo 10cm are up next on our Weekly Idol feature.

10cm are Kwon Jung Yeol (main vocalist, percussion – jembe) and Yoon Cheol Jong (vocal, guitar, tambourine). After debuting in 2010 with their first EP and full length album alongside the single “Americano”, the duo managed to win “This Year’s Discovery Award” at the 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards and “Best Pop Song Award” at the 2011 Korean Music Awards. In 2012, their second album titled “2.0” was released, followed by the second EP in 2013 and recently “3.0” which is 10cm‘s third full-length album.

Popular Songs

Tonight I’m Afraid of the Dark




Hold Me. A remake of this song was released in May 2013 for a duet single alongside Orange Caramel by the name of Hug Song.



Fine Thank You And You?



Tonight. The deep-voiced monologue got some female attention from the crowd.


But I’m Sleepy


Missing You


Why I chose 10cm for Weekly Idol

Caught these guys on the Kpop radio and was really mesmerized by the catchiness of “Americano” that I had to see what else this duo had in store, especially as I hadn’t dived into Korean indie in a long while. There is no doubt that 10cm emphasize on acoustic music and if I ever need to wind down from energetic dance-driven tracks this is one of those groups that can help mellow my brain from working too much during the week. But I also like how their much jumpier tracks like “But I’m Sleepy” or “Tonight” can lift your mood a little when you are feeling sombre.


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